Accommodating tourist

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Turnover is as important as any of the other data items requested.

Your turnover information contributes to providing a picture of the size of the tourist accommodation industry in financial terms.

Establishments in scope of the STA are: As your establishment fits the scope of the collection, you have been included. The term ‘tourist’ applies to persons who travel outside of their usual environment for many purposes, including holidays, business and study.

Our establishment does not usually accommodate tourists. Our establishment has a number of rooms/units that are rented out on a long-term basis, how does this affect our selection in the survey?

Major users of the data include: Why did our establishment get chosen for the survey?

A small number of ABS business surveys are conducted as censuses.

RELEVANCE AND SELECTION What is the purpose of the survey and who uses the data?This means that all businesses within a particular industry will be selected to participate.The STA is run as a census that requires all in scope establishments to be included in the survey.Remember that once you submit the form, you will no longer be able to view or update it. Yes, the ABS highly recommends that you keep a copy of your completed form for your own personal records.Can I get an extension or request assistance to complete the form?

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