Adult dating browser

These applications do not automatically collect private information from the devices or send spam mails/SMS messages; they just lead users to their fraudulent sites.On those sites, users are requested to input their email address on their devices or in some cases their mobile phone numbers.

The apps vary in format: displaying fraudulent websites, providing fake advertisement links to websites, providing links a set of websites including malicious sites and legitimate dating services, imitating article threads from a well-known BBS and tricking readers into believing their story and registering for the malicious services, and so on.Today, the attackers increasingly trick their potential victims using mobile applications, especially on Google Play.In most cases, these apps simply show fraudulent websites on its Web View component or run a browser to show the sites.However, some other options are-1 – Intelius2 – Wink3 – Zabasearch4 – Peek You5 – pipl6 – People Finder7 – yo Name8 – 123people9 – KGB People Moreover, there are tools which you may use.Mc Afee Mobile Research monitors adult one-click-fraud applications on Google Play that are targeted at Japanese users.

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    OKCupid is one of the most popular dating sites and is free to sign up initially.