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However, as a husband or a boyfriend it is your job to re-parent your wife or girlfriend.

Even if you wanted to do so, it’s highly unlikely she’ll allow you to hold her accountable.

One of my clients states that he clearly sees his 6-year old daughter growing out of this phase with his guidance; he wishes he could say the same for his 36-year old wife.

Professional Victimhood Starts Early in Life “Very often children see themselves as the victim, no matter how aggressive or abusive their behavior is.

Children and women with these issues view any questioning of their behavior, no matter how gentle and well-phrased, as an attack.

First she has to recognize that she’s a big part of the problem and give up her victim mentality.

Thinking of themselves this way gives them the ability, in their mind, not to take any responsibility—and if you don’t take responsibility, then you won’t have to change” (Lehman, Empowering Parents).

This victim mentality is the result of immature and distorted reasoning or thinking errors in troubled children and adults.

You can’t ground your wife or take away her car keys or credit card.

Well, you could, but then she’d claim you’re trying to control and abuse her, so what do you do?

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