Alex morgan dating seattle sounder who is monica arnold dating

Sydney Leroux is from Surrey, British Columbia; Hope is from Richland, Washington; Alex Morgan is dating Servando Carrasco from the Seattle Sounders FC; Megan Rapinoe played for the University of Portland; Veronica Perez is a UW Husky; Megan Manthey is from Ferndale, Washington; Kate Deines is from Issaquah, Washington; Lyndsey Elston was a Husky; and Keelin Winters went to the University of Portland. The plans for 2013 are to hopefully move up to a new W-League "Pro" division.Seven of those players have worn the USA jersey, Veronica plays on the Mexican National team. The W-League is allegedly presenting a new financial model in the coming weeks to current ownership and GM's around the W-League.These guys have actually been together for years, much to the chagrin of many male fans. A hot dude that is also a professional athlete in the same sport as you? Sorry, but you’re professional channel-surfing isn’t going to appeal to Alex!Alex Morgan’s husband Servando is and has been a very talented professional soccer player. They’ve been together since at least 2011 and were engaged since at least 2013. Alex is one of those ladies who everybody on the team loves.

Her contacts with coach Pia Sundhage have helped land the National Team players.

Their hope, according to GM Amy Carnell, is to get teams from each division to move up.

That would probably be the Sounders Women, the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Pali Blues, and perhaps the Colorado Rapids from our current division.

Like the two of them, the dog is perfect in every way and instantly ready to grace the covers of any magazine.

This is a soccer power couple we’re talking about, after all.

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