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While attempting to film war destruction in Nicaragua, this ABC television news correspondent and his interpreter, Juan Espinosa, were executed by a National Guard soldier.

Hexum was replaced in the series by Antony Hamilton, but the show didn’t last all that long, running only from 22 September 1984 to 6 July 1985 before being canceled.

Millions heard the final broadcast of this traffic reporter for WNBC radio in New York City as the helicopter she was in crashed into the Hudson River. After singing several choruses of “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone” during a performance of The Drunkard, this 60-year-old actress collapsed on stage for her scripted death scene and suffered an unscripted fatal heart attack. This Cincinnati reporter for radio station WKRC was killed along with the pilot in the crash of the station’s helicopter. This Pennsylvania state treasurer staged the best-known televised suicide.

About to be sentenced on charges of conspiracy, mail fraud, perjury, and racketeering for taking a 0,000 kickback on a state computer contract, Dwyer convened a press conference in his office.

All exposed film was immediately seized, but some eventually made its way into the 1992 compilation film Death Scenes 2. on 25 September 1975 while touring with Dick Clark’s touring rock-‘n’-roll revival.

Eight years after collapsing on stage during a performance and slipping into a coma, this singer died. Though Wilson emerged from the coma a year later, treatment in medical facilities failed to restore his health.

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