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The increased use of walk-in wardrobes means the moths have far more space to access clothes and remain undetected.

To add to this, we heat our homes all year round, fail to clean as rigorously as our grandparents and fly off on cheap package breaks to places such as Turkey and India — bringing back carpets and fabrics infested with moth eggs. Take everything out, vacuum and wipe the insides.’A moth’s life cycle can be anything from 55 to 90 days so give your home and clothing a thorough clean every month or two — or they’ll come crawling back.

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I asked like 10 people what it meant, and understood even less when I was done.

(I felt like a major idiot because it seemed like everyone else understood what we were saying. Later, Danny explained that we were saying "The love that covers sin is spread wide in the arms of Christ." English majors. "Oh, you know, its Jesus and he's flowing through us. Songs with lyrics that don't match the melody Example: I Could Sing of Your Love Forever Here, we are singing a fun, happy verse, and then we move into the bridge with a depressing sound where we say, "Oh, I feel like dancing….." (Actually, this music makes me feel like crying.) "Like we're dancing now" (By the way, I have never seen anyone dance at this point.

Here's the thing--I can't stand when songwriters want to use a word or phrase, then realize that using said phrase would mess up the rhythm of the song, but instead of rethinking the phrase, they add a word. The bridge of this song includes the line "Though the sorrow may last for the night" and the music hits on each word in 'last for the night' in such a way that makes me think of hip-shaking. Draw Me Close Not a big fan of the emotional 'Jesus is sitting next to me' type songs.

I think they are original and fun and somehow still serious and they usually move me in worship like nothing else. I usually remain silent on this line or risk bursting into an inappropriate display of worship laughter. This might be a little picky, but what am I if not detail-oriented?

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They’ve lain undisturbed, happily chewing through your best cashmere and had ample time, space and fuel to breed like wild fire, strewing everything with larvae. If left untreated the larvae — it’s the caterpillar-like larvae that eat fabrics, not adult moths — can do hundreds of pounds worth of damage to clothing, carpets and soft furnishings. Thanks to the influx of cheap cashmere on the High Street we own far more natural fibres than we used to and, as high quality fabrics are a moth’s favourite meal, they’re thrilled.

Jo Poole, a seamstress known as The Dress Doctor, says: ‘Deter them by emptying your wardrobe and washing everything. Make sure you empty the vacuum cleaner bag or they’ll hatch there, too.‘It doesn’t damage clothing at all,’ says Jo Poole.

‘You need to do it for at least 72 hours to kill all moths and eggs.

Other less strong but decent repellents include eucalyptus and bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and cloves.‘Lavender, thanks to its strong smell, is a very good deterrent,’ says Jo Poole.

‘Ideally, put a bag of lavender on every hanger and a couple in every drawer.

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