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Take a look at our recent interview with retired FBI Agent and true crime writer, Jim Fisher.How does a police detective interact with other divisions such as forensics?Regardless of the type of detective, thorough documentation is imperative and require in all aspects of any detectives case file.One common way to become a more competitive candidate for Detective is to start by completing a criminal justice bachelor's degree, then while gaining valuable on-the-job experience, continue working on your education via an online criminal justice degree at the masters level. In order to make detective, you must first serve as a police officer for a certain period of time, (depending on the precinct in which you are employed, generally 1 to 5 years), and complete further training, including physical, tactical, and general education preferably at the masters degree level.

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The DEA employs Agents, which is what usually comes to mind when thinking of the DEA, as well as Diversion Investigators, Chemists, Fingerprint Specialists, and Intelligence Research Specialists.Much of a detective's time is spent on investigation and paperwork, but they are expected to maintain a certain level of physical fitness.General detectives do just as the name implies, general investigation, whereas the others specialize in certain types of crime.Police detectives interact with police officers, who are usually first on the scene of a crime, the forensics unit, which will gather the physical evidence at the crime scene, then the forensic laboratory, which will analyze the evidence.They may meet personally or receive written reports. The next promotion after a detective is sergeant, then lieutenant.

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