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if it is additive, than it is a point in favor of lower difficults (i'm talking about levelling) Keywarden drop rate is rubbish imo, got nothing three times in a row, I don't believe in coincidence.

Droprates are still higher than they used to be though, so I'm not complaining.

Felipe dies and Carlos takes María de los Angeles out of the convent, but they are followed by the rural police and gunned down.

Well, this popped up a while ago on Reddit, and I've waited for a long time but no one cared to re-do the chart.

See full summary » Mexico, end of the XIX Century,a rich owner of a big ranch refuses to accept the love between his daughter Maria de los Angeles and Carlos.

As a result the young lady enters a convent to became a nun.

Channeling his anger and frustration, Pepe goes on to win the championship while beginning ...

See full summary » In rural Mexico, when a young boy's parents are killed, he is raised by a farm worker and the town's barman, who instills a desire of vengeance in him, and as an adult he romances a young ...

Since we use both Slow time and Teleport in this build, both of them will be reset by Illusionist, which is really nice.

He will get a chance for revenge and for love after he infiltrates his enemy house as a piano teacher.

The story centers around the brave and valiant Agapito who rescues the orphaned Pinolillo and is set to marry the beautiful Cristina.

Edit: did some more hours of farming and I came to the conclusion that droprates have NOT improved from pre 2.0.3. Friend and I did some Keywardens and found that not only can you no longer split farm them (they do not drop if you are in a different act, possibly even zone but we didn't test that far), but the drop is no longer shared as well (as in you can find one and your friends may not). I know that in S2, you could both split farm and the drop was shared. We did Ubers on T10, and got 2-3 organs every time, again as expected. I massaged the data, some of that by quite a bit, as especially the Keywarden machine drops seemed to be completely pulled out of thin air.

Most runs it's just 1 or 2 out of 4, 3 if I'm lucky. I know it's not exactly drop rate related but useful to know. :\ Also, I personally never saw a 2x machine drop, farming wardens on T8 (which aligns with your chart, just saying). As I'll run more Keywardens this week I'll try to keep an eye on that but for now I think the data previously reported was bogus. Just tossing in my few coins - I farmed Infernals today on hardcore T7 and as said above, you must be in the same zone when the Warden kill happens to be eligible for loot at all, and even then it's random from person to person.

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