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Vincent's arc in the original movie was touching and central to the narrative's success.In this new incarnation he hardly drives the film at all.Like every other poor decision made by the filmmakers, the casting of David Tennant is merely a stunt to draw the geek crowd in. Colin Farrell is not a disaster as Jerry Dandridge, but he is hardly a success either.Chris Sarandon's portrayal was sly and full of little touches that really sold the implicit threat of Dandridge.If you’re in Melbourne make sure you tune your radio it 94.9fm [...] You may have caught yesterday’s post on ABC Dating – we’re going to spend the next six months working our way through a dating alphabet.

The film has zero atmosphere and barely comes to anything approaching excitement.

We kicked off the day with Breakfast radio – with the Hump Day Crew on Melbourne’s Joy 94.9fm!

We love these guys and always have a rockin’ time when on radio with them.

Product placement is rampant and so frequent that it becomes hilarious.

The fun, new-wave Gothic feel of the original film has been replaced by a slick treatment more befitting a luxury car commercial. The computer effects are terrible and poorly rendered.

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