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It’s worthwhile to think of loners as a slow burn rather than a fast-acting fuse.While they might not regale you with interesting anecdotes about their lives upon first meeting, give it time and they will open up.

While they might not be the ones initiating a group dance-off, they will certainly participate if they feel comfortable. There are a plethora of rules that self-declared love experts have set in place.What not to say on the first date; how long to wait before following up; would it really be a bad idea to mention that restraining order? It can be increasingly so if you are dating someone who enjoys being alone, the classic introvert archetype.Once they feel comfortable with you, those barriers come down fast and their true personality shines forth.If your potential mate has to leave a trail of dropped jaws behind him as he enters a room, dating a person who likes his own company might not be the best fit.

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