Dating old beer bottles

And though it might be a bit bland, it's an easy introduction to imported beers for those accustomed only to domestic products.

Although the centuries-old Canadian Molson Brewery merged with Coors in 2005, it still makes beer in Canada and exports to the U. One of the most popular is Molson Dry, an easy-drinking lager that won the gold for North American Specialty Lager in the 2002 World Beer Cup. S., Modelo Especial is a light pilsner with broad appeal.

Both of our stores offer a selection of the rarest and most sought after wines in the world.

From the finest vintages of Bordeaux including Pétrus and Château Lafite Rothschild to New World stars such as Harlan Estate and Screaming Eagle we have something to suit every taste.

S., and a great beer for those looking for something heavier and richer than lagers.

This lager has become the top-selling Japanese beer American drinkers since its introduction in 1984.

This German pilsner might be a bit hard to find in the U. König has a solid golden color that hints at being just a tad heavier than American pilsners, but many agree it is the superior choice, with subtle flavors and just the right amount of carbonation.

Just a few coins more expensive than Budweiser, Heineken is the second-best-selling imported beer in the U.

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Ras Al Khaimah: Al Hamra Cellar is a short drive from Dubai with an incredible range – tax free! Dubai International Airport: Visit Le Clos, home to the world’s finest wines and spirits from just .Services include ‘concierge on arrival’, complimentary bottle engraving and click and collect.Wherever you shop, great customer service and exceptional knowledge are guaranteed.Although Harp is promoted as an Irish product, the bottles that make it to the U. Famous for its beachfront commercials, this pale lager is usually served with a wedge of lime or lemon to bring some tartness to its light flavor.Corona means "crown," which is appropriate given that it's the most popular imported beer in the U. With its sharp and tangy taste, the Mexican lager Tecate might not have as broad an appeal as Corona or Red Stripe.

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