Dating other races in the bible

How can the light of stars billions of light years away from the earth have reached us if the earth is only thousands of years old? Why did God create such a vast universe and other planets if there is only life on earth?

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Why are there two different Creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1-2? The Ascended Masters are said to belong to these races.The humans who emerged from underground (Hopi legends tell how they came out of the ground) began the following races: - Palaeocene - 66.4 - 57.8 million years ago- Eocene - 57.8 - 36.6 millions years ago- Oligocene - 33.6 - 23.7 million years ago- Miocene - 23.7 - 5.3 million years ago- Pliocene - 5.3 - 1.6 million years ago The last ice age was during the Pleistocene period, and technically we are still in it, or just coming out of it.Some of the sources include: The third root race were the Lemurians, and had physical bodies like ourselves.These early races created bodies because they wanted to experience life in physical form, and some of these bodies may not have been human - the mythical centaurs (half man, half horse) may have been result of some of their experiments.

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