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The budget also includes other initiatives: — Allowing low-income students who receive Pell Grants to use them to enroll in short-term programs, although funding overall would not increase much.

As it stands, students cannot use grant money to pay for academic programs that are shorter than 15 weeks or have fewer than 600 hours of instruction time.

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The proposal also calls for slashing the Education Department’s budget and devoting more resources to career training, at the expense of four-year colleges and universities.

The budget empowers parents, especially of our disadvantaged youth, to choose the very best school for their children.” In a separate item, Trump seeks to ax a million scholarship fund for D. residents who attend colleges and universities, a subsidy intended to make up for District residents not being able to get in-state tuition. She is once again seeking to cut several discretionary programs, including federal funding for the Special Olympics and a grant program for college students with “exceptional financial need.” “The budget . “I look forward to working with Congress to pass a budget that puts students first and returns power in education to where it belongs: with states, districts and families.” Many of De Vos’s budget priorities for higher education mirror provisions in the House GOP higher education bill, giving the secretary a good chance of seeing her vision in that realm come to fruition.So Fi was founded by a group of Stanford business students who wanted to help their peers escape from student debt with lower interest rates.The program launched at Stanford in 2011 and has quickly grown.It contains many of the same ideas that De Vos pitched in her budget proposal last year, large portions of which Congress rejected.“So many of America’s poorest children — especially African American and Hispanic children — attend failing public schools that afford them little hope of fulfilling their great potential,” Trump said in his budget summary.

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