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One of the most common questions I get is, “I want a great career. ” And I was surprised to find that many people in the ENTJ course were there to learn how to think like an ENTJ.I once heard an ENTP ask a new boss, the CEO, “Do you know your personality type? And I am the only type that makes a good CEO.” The result of the smugness of ENTJs is that ENTJs have nothing to talk about.

So I had a revelation about a few weeks ago..it pertains almost exactly to this post.

I started thinking about how the intense conflict of work and life is what makes careers interesting, and then I missed the constantly tormented ENFJs torn between work and family.

And I missed the endless stream of deep thoughtful questions from the INFJs. She recruits by type, and she is always stunned by how amazing the ENTJ candidates are.

The sessions sometimes felt like human resource bootcamp.

Here’s a tip to anyone who wants to get the attention of an ENTJ: tell them what to delegate next and who to hire to take on that work.

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