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They may also be affected if you place a very big order.Terms of delivery Ex our warehouse Nexus, Stockholm Terms of payment 30 days net after credit approval. Returns Product returns should be made in original package within 10 days.Numbers following each name indicate the total number included in Kázmér. (English title: "A Concise Hungarian-English Dictionary") This is one of the friendliest and most comprehensive bilingual dictionaries I've used in any language.*Note: The name Józsa is a feminine name today in Hungary, but it is quite possible that some or all instances of this name in period are shortened forms of the masculine name József. The intention is to provide a short list for use in consultations so that should some lady say, "I want a Hungarian name," one can respond, "Here, pick a name." Three names in this list appear in square brackets [ ] ; for these names, the original source spelling is unknown, that is, they have had their spellings standardized to modern. List Typography and Notations: There were a number of difficulties and idiosyncracies to deal with in putting this list together.The Name Data: What follows is the raw data extracted from Kázmér. These headwords follow those used in Hajdú, and correspond to the various given names.Under each headword appear the forms of the given names as recorded in Kázmér.Each name variant is followed by the date and surname entry or entries under which the name may be found in the original volume.Note that these surnames entries are according to modern spellings, as that is how they are indexed in the source material.

Names in the tables below are in standard modern spellings for the 16th century list; names in the 15th century list are given as spelled in the source material.

Bijvoorbeeld voor uw ogen, gezicht, lippen en nagels.

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