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Never was a conclusion more hastily formed or sup- ported by so few facts. of Wethersfield, is as followeth : I do give unto my dear wife, Margeret, after my decease, all the provisions (that are for meat and drink) now in my possession, also the use of such movables as she shall think needful for her use during her life. The early planters of Connecticut were neither serfs nor the sons of serfs. He came first probably to Watertown, Massachusetts. My will is that the Division that I have formerly made of my land unto my sonnes shall stand firm, onlj^ in yt my will I give unto 42 H I S T O n Y OF THE AV R I G II T F A : M I L Y my sonn Sain'l but halfe my six acre Lott in ye meado\v, together with foure Acres in ye swamp, which he now enjoj^s, all which is in consideration of five Acres of Land which I had purposed to have given him upon the Island. It is evident that the old family of Wrights was then liv- inir in Rrook Street — doubtless in the Moat House. Thev DRIVKWAV AND FRONT OF IIOFSK held the Manors of Great and Little Eopers. It was originally called "Manor of Eopers" from the name of the first owner, Henry Ropei-. Pursuivant to (^ueen Cather- 26 HISTORY OF THE AV R I G H T 1 A [ i j. only a liuts off the \ iew of the house from the street.

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A small porch over the front door, supported by one pillar on each side, is very quaint. The walls are finished with ancient square oak panels, the dark coloring of which is very rich in appearance. is :' Hooker, founded Hartford: the Dorchester people settled Windsor, and those from Watertown settled Weth- ersfield. Abstract from "IIo Ui:^ters History of Connecticut,^'' Volume First. Married Daniel Board- man June 8th, 1683 ; married, 2nd, James Treat.

The house is built of brick, painted yellow; two stories, with the upper overhanging the lower. David Wright, born July 12th, 1677-8, Eunice Wright, born Feb. (7) SAMUEL WRIGHT ("Sergeant''), son of Samuel (6) and Mary Wright (Will "H").

Two dor- mer windows are in the roof, which is covered with flat tile.

Just back of the library are the two kitchens, wiiich appear to be very ancient, with a large open fiiu'-placc and brick oven, foj-morlv used for cook'inir- CORNER OF LIBRARY. This house with its moat and PART OF MOAT BATK OF HOUSE. wiien men went out clad in ai'uioi" aiul armc(l with ci'oss-hows and baltle- a.\(-s. Hence the unhappy troubles and strifes during the first few years after they established themselves.

Opposite the library is a drawing room, and beyond this a large dining-room extending the width of the house: it is said to be paneled with oak beanie uiira[)es and other fruits are ii'rowii. There is said to he a written history or -tory ahoi U tlie old . Then a division oc- curred and some of the settlers with their families re- moved to Stamford.

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