Lauren frances dating

If you are stuck in a disappointing, discouraging cycle of bad dates you might be wondering if it’s time you did something drastic or just settled for a relationship that doesn’t really inspire you. As the dating expert of a ground-breaking TV show, I had so many women reach out to me who were hurting from being in the wrong relationship and sick and tired of being single.

That is why I brought together my favorite Celebrity Dating Experts and Authors for an incredible FREE ONLINE CONFERENCE to help you meet your man without compromising who you are.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful surprise of your speaker. I never thought that I would be on the dating scene again but after almost 14 years of marriage ending in divorce it happened! I sometimes still am lol; however, I have not only been listening to your podcasts but I follow you all on social media and I am truly being helped.

No matter your status, you can always up the ante Find yourself acting crazy to get a girl's attention?

Your grandpa probably pulled the same move on your grandma.

I told her I had a more attractive girlfriend already." Research has shown women size up other ladies, especially celebrities, breeding insecurities.

Make your move to be exclusive by brushing off the competition.

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