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Here Andy Dolan documents his reign of terror: The pair exchanged mobile numbers and private email addresses and went on four dates, enjoying drinks at country pubs and never sharing more than a goodbye kiss.However, the court heard their final meeting was traumatic.He pounced after luring her into the back on the pretence of inspecting bunk beds he said he had built for his children.

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Lawrance (pictured during the trial), described by police as a 'sexual predator', contacted thousands of women online and committed three sex attacks months after getting married to someone he met via the site The trial was told that although four of the victims had reported Lawrance to Match in the aftermath of each attack, the site had refused to block his profile because he had not used it to send abusive messages.After the verdict, Alan Charles, Derbyshire's police and crime commissioner, said: 'Personal safety advice used to incorporate avoiding walking alone down dark alleys at night, but the internet can be the darkest alley of all.Detective Chief Inspector Allison Rigby, of Derbyshire Police, said: 'He utilised Match as a means to target females who were divorced or widowed.They drive together in the woman's car to Bradgate Park in Leicestershire where they go for a walk.Lawrance repeatedly asked the woman for a kiss, but she declines.

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