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Now if we run our application, and select New from the File menu a new editor window will be opened and displayed: If we open the Windows menu, you can see the application is automatically tracking and handling our open windows: For more information on working with Menus in a Xamarin.

Mac application, please see our Working with Menus documentation. Mac application that can open multiple windows (documents), there are times when you will need to get the current, topmost window (the key window). There might be times where you need to access all of the windows that your Xamarin. For example, to see if a file that the user wants to open is already open in an exiting window.

App-Specific Panels float over the top of the application's document windows and disappear when the application is in the background.

Please see our Introduction to Xcode and Interface Builder documentation for more information about using Interface Builder to create and enable controls.The Main and Key Windows (if they are separate) are always active, are open windows that are not in the foreground.For example, a text editor application could have more than one document open at a time, only the Main Window would be active, all others would be inactive.For more information, see the About Windows section of Apple's OS X Human Interface Guidelines A Window can display a Title Bar and when the Title is displayed, it's usually the name of the application, the name of the document being worked on or the function of the window (such as Inspector).Some applications don't display a Title Bar because they are recognizable by sight and don't work with documents.

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