Osdate dating system

When using getfenv to get the current environment of a script, it will return the same table every time within the specific thread.Example: Description: Returns the metatable of the specified object if it has one, otherwise returns nil.This guide assumes that you have successfully downloaded the latest release of Comet Chat and have the zip file “unzipped” and ready to go.

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Many of the developers and startup sites use the free versions.Every time a make a buck I donate 10% for anything I make to the open source projects I use. Some of the commercial projects listed here also come with free versions for limited use.In example all components we provide for video conferencing, p2p private 2 way video chat, video presentations and live consultations, live streaming can be downloaded and installed prior to purchase.I would suggest staying with the version available from the scripts page and not the version available in the forum.Also has a very nice flashchat program that is free now to with built a video module add in the to work very well together.

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