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These particular pipes can only be said to date between 1976 and the present, and were stamped as such for shipment to the different countries involved in the conference.For pipes shipped to all other countries, Peterson still uses the old style hallmarks. The retro pipes I've seen on e Bay have made in Ireland.The silver collar shape - I can't tell the difference in shapes.That's interesting Jim, where did you learn of this?Because I can't find any reference to such a practice anywhere.

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Peterson uses three marks on some of their pipes that are not silver hallmarks but are rather another Peterson logo (below).

Charles Peterson believed that a man’s smoking pipe was a signature piece of his individual style and Peterson pipes are still made with this idea in mind today.

Peterson pipes are some of the best tobacco pipes, according to many smokers, because of the Peterson System and Peterson mouthpiece which give the smoker a cool, dry, and comfortable smoking experience.

Peterson pipes are some of the most storied tobacco pipes in the history of smoking.

For 150 years, Peterson pipes have been made in Dublin and smoked around the world.

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