Radioactive dating lesson middle school doulbe your dating

This corresponds to the decay of half the atoms in a radioactive substance and therefore the coins are indeed a good model.On a process level, the student will be using the scientific method to test and observe the pattern of the coin sample and extrapolate the” half life “of the coin sample from the obtained data.Larger-than-life concepts such as prehistoric time, half-life properties and decay functions can be wrestled down to understandable portions using lesson plans provided by educational and state agencies for free online.Engaging middle school students in hands-on activities makes learning fun, increasing retention rates and the ability to integrate radiometric dating concepts with larger scientific and mathematical concepts later on.

The University of California's Museum of Paleontology offers a lesson plan for radiometric dating, which includes sequencing activities and card games.The video segment comes with follow-up discussion questions and printable essays for the classroom.On the information level, the student will be using concrete, hands on model to demonstrate the meaning of half –life in the process of radioactive decay.Use colored beads to simulate rocks and fossils in a radiometric dating game.Carleton College's Education Department's website has instructions for a hands-on radiometric dating activity.

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