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It’s not so much your weight as the amount of fat around your middle that matters — waist measurement is a better predictor of heart disease than BMI (body mass index) because it can point to visceral fat, the dangerous fat around the organs.In a study of 40 post-menopausal women who did strength training, twice a week for 30 minutes, she found after a year ‘their bodies had become 15 to 20 years younger (in terms of restoring muscle mass) and they all regained bone density instead of losing it, as women normally do at that age.’The body’s ability to synthesise vitamin D from sunlight is reduced with age, and lower levels affects your immunity and bones.

Muscles aren’t used properly, sugars and fats are not adequately processed, raising risks of illness and early death.

Try stopping at one glass (125ml) of red a night (the equivalent of one unit of alcohol) — studies show this provides flavonoids and resveratrol, compounds which could reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and slow the progression of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

There are 622 calories in a 100g fistful — which you can nibble at without even thinking.

A study by Harvard Medical School showed that 91 per cent of men who said (in the Fifties) that they weren’t particularly close to their parents ended up developing high blood pressure, alcoholism or heart disease by mid-life.

You’re 18 per cent more likely to die on a Monday than a Sunday (possibly through stress of returning to work) and 25 per cent more likely to die during winter than summer, says Dr Sarah Brewer, a London GP and author of Live Longer, Look Younger.

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