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This category includes botanical subjects photographed in Britain, including: trees, plants, flowers, fungi and algae.

Capture the essence, beauty and diversity of the botanical world, whether close-up, macro or as part of a wider scene.

), have built release pens, raised our morale in the middle of the night whilst we're struggling to find martens, and even lent us their dogs to help detect marten scat. ) volunteers is a glutton for punishment and is now employed by us as our full-time Field Assistant.

Not least because it allows us to know if any new kits turn up on any footage. Each marten has a unique bib that has a unique, individual pattern of spots and freckles.Between September and October, twelve martens were selected for release in Wales, bringing the total number of animals translocated since 2015 to 51.For decades, The Vincent Wildlife, a mammal conservation charity, has been studying pine martens in Britain, looking for evidence of their survival.Occasionally you can't tell who is who on the cameras from the bibs so we have to turn to DNA collected from hair tubes.This is particularly useful for identifying our increasing numbers of kits for whom, of course, we don't have bib shots.

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