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What strikes me about the word “consent” is that in all my years of drunken sexual escapades, I can’t remember ever using it.I settled into my chair as three women huddled around a microphone at the bottom of the steps.For the next ninety minutes, what I heard from the audience of sixty or so students was something the Internet too rarely offers: respectful silence.One by one, about a dozen young women and one young man stepped up to the microphone with nervous voices and fidgeting hands.Women get raped because .” Every generation tries to clean up the mistakes of the past.

I’d thought a rally against sexual violence would be clamorous, students screaming into a megaphone, but what surprised me was the gathering’s gentleness.

Rape whistles and self-defense classes had gone the way of the VCR.

Rape was not a woman’s responsibility to prevent but a man’s responsibility not to commit.

Pause on “alcohol.” College presidents have long considered alcohol to be one of the biggest problems they face on campus—the cause of traffic accidents, injuries, even death, not to mention a sampler plate of jackassery.

Alcohol is also involved in a great number of campus sexual assault cases.

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