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Regarding the SSL certificate, Federation servers use an SSL certificate to secure Web services traffic for SSL communication with Web clients and with federation server proxies.

Because of this, we have two Power Shell commands to manage the SSL certificate and service communication certificate.

Note that the GUI is This section is not only about requesting a new certificate, but also about ensuring that it is correctly installed and then preparing for the subsequent steps.

There are a few ways in which you can request a SSL/TLS certificate.

All that we are doing is teaching people that it is OK to click here to either see the dancing pigs, or re-confirm your online banking credentials. This is why it is critical that we proactively renew certificates so we provide a secure environment to users, and promote correct behaviours.

To list them out: By default the token signing and token decryption certificates are self signed and will automatically manage themselves in the default configuration.The below images were taken after the 8th of February 2016.If we then browse to the AD FS metadata page, IE is not happy either.If we look at them this way the difference is more apparent.Set-Adfs Ssl Certificate Set-Adfs Certificate Keep in mind that there are two separate commands and we will come back to them later in the post.

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