Updating zone file serial number convention

This means that if the server does not know the answer, it will just tell the client (usually some kind of resolving DNS server) that it does not know the answer and give a reference to a server that may know more.Authoritative-only DNS servers are often a good configuration for high performance because they do not have the overhead of resolving recursive queries from clients.Reverse zones are used to connect an IP address back to a domain name.However, the domain name system was designed for the forward mappings originally, so some thought is needed to adapt this to allow for reverse mappings.On each of your name servers, you can now install Bind, the DNS server that we will be using.The Bind software is available within Ubuntu's default repositories, so we just need to update our local package index and install the software using Run this installation command on your master and slave DNS servers to acquire the appropriate files.In this guide, we will discuss how to install and configure the Bind9 DNS server as authoritative-only DNS servers on Ubuntu 14.04 machines.

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A zone is any portion of the domain that is delegated for management to a name server that has not been sub-delegated to other servers.Since we are trying to set up an authoritative-only server, we do not want to enable recursion on this server.We can turn this off within the When you are finished, save and close the file.We are going to keep our master zone files in a subdirectory called Next, we are going to define the reverse zone for our domain.If the organization that gave you your IP addresses did not give you a network range and delegate responsibility for that range to you, then your reverse zone file will not be referenced and will be handled by the organization itself.

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