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They didn't start over with new numbers for each version, as numbers ran together for all models.

Since it has a relatively low serial number, did Marlin start over with serial numbers on each version?

Kinda like the Model 1936 became the Model 36 to eliminate "dating" the design and version. At that time, the Marlin Firearms Corporation was trying to re-organize after WW I, and to save money, they were using any and all parts on hand to assemble sporting arms.

Therefore, if a Model 1893 (unmarked on the upper tang as yet) was a saddle ring carbine receiver, it was used and to fill the holes, the saddle ring was installed.

It may be correct for your carbine, but would need to see a picture of it to be sure. Regnier, Another individual with whom I have been communicating privately about this gun said that, although Marlin did use some Marble sights, they were not offered until the mid 30's and that standard Marlin factory sights are not marked with brand names. Barkey VA; You have been quoting "The Blue Book of Gun Values" here, just check the front of the book for descriptions of conditions and pictures that help evaluate percentage of case-colors.

Regnier, I forgot to mention that it does have a bullseye on the stock.

So, looking at the variations listed in the blue book, would you say that it is an 1893 2nd model even though, according to the 28th ed. Regarding the Marble's rear sight, it is a v-notch sight that appears to be adjustable with a small, slotted screw-head.

The Marble's web site shows a picture of an early v-notch sight similar to the one that is on this gun Barkey WV; Technically, the Model '93 could be considered the 2nd version of the Model 1893 even though it is the same gun, just re-named to make it seem a more modern version of the same gun.

began, and again when the Kenna family reopened in 1923 after bankruptcy.

However, they did start over when Marlin Firearms Corp.

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